Month: November 2019

Real Life

November 20, 2019

I arrived in Taylorsville and Indian Valley for the first time ever in the middle of July and was immediately struck by its beauty. I had no idea what the […]

It Feels Like I Just Got Here

September 30, 2019

Time is a strange thing. It’s one of the most steady and constant things in our lives, but our situations can drastically affect how we experience it. There were often […]


August 30, 2019

I am crying at the top of Mount Harkness For Grandpa. For Mom and Dad. For me. I can see 360 degrees around me. I can feel just as many […]

Backpacking Thoughts

August 26, 2019

The backpacking trip in Lassen was something else. We started from Summit Lake, aiming to camp at Horseshoe lake that night. We started off the trip by getting somewhat lost, […]

Lassen Volcanic National Park Backpacking

August 26, 2019

Backpacking in Lassen was an adventure! Our first day we hiked 7.5 miles to Snag Lake. We found a beautiful spot to camp that was surrounded by Aspen trees. It […]

Trail Thoughts

August 19, 2019

What would you do if a mountain got up and walked? “If a mountain got up and moved, I’d first say a prayer to every god I know of that […]

Dusty Boots

August 19, 2019

13 pairs of dusty boots traverse the veins of this body, tread upon her ancient skin, float upon her sacred blood.   Like vines on an old brick wall, footprints […]


August 15, 2019

When our crew leaders first told us of the four mile hike up Mt. Harkness, my stomach dropped. The previous week, we had hiked at least two miles every day […]

The Supermarket Bathroom

August 15, 2019

  August 12, 2019   I looked in the mirror today in the bathroom of a supermarket and greeted an unfamiliar face. One brushed not just by the finger-tips of […]

The Impossibly Possible

August 7, 2019

If you asked me to describe my P-CREW experience so far in a word, I’d say impossible. It should be impossible to have so many opposing ideas in perfect harmony […]