Filthy on the Outside, Detoxed on the Inside

Filthy on the Outside, Detoxed on the Inside

July 21, 2021

Dear Civilization,

We are filthy on the outside, but detoxed on the inside.

We are work exhausted, yet energized.

Our food is simple, yet complex.

We call it sustenance.

Our sleep is rough and dreamy. Our crew is like family.

Everything is always covered in dirt, our knees are sore, our skin is burnt.

Oh the beautiful views we’ve seen of the lands covered in green.

On Inspiration Point as the sun is rising. On top of Mt. Harkness we’re basically flying.

Steve, Martha, Terry  we appreciate you, you made the white hats smile.

When we are workin’, we be hurting. Oh yellow hats land we are lurking.

Rockin’ our PPE all day. We always have that PMA. (Positive Mental Attitude).

White Hats Session 1 2021