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P-CREW Alumni!

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What Are P-CREW Alumni Doing Now?

32 alumni are currently in high school.

Current Areas of Study:
Math/Physics (1)
Environmental Studies (2)
Undeclared Sciences (1)
Biology (1)
Wildlife Biology (2)
Nursing (1)
Creative Writing (1)
Urban/Regional Development (1)*
Photography (1)
Digital Art (1)
Criminology and Justice (1)
Theater (1)

Colleges Attended:
Feather River Community College (3)
University of California, Santa Cruz (1)
University of California, Davis (2)
California State University, East Bay (1)
Wellesley, MA (1)
Contra Costa Community College (2)
University of Arizona (1)
Humboldt (3)
Butte Community College (2)
Berkeley Community College (1)
Macalester College, MN (1)
University of California, San Diego (1)
University of California, L.A. (1)
Southern Oregon University, Ashland (1)

Military Branches:
Navy (1)
Air Force (1)

Known Summer Jobs Attained by Alumni
Amigos De Americas (2)
Student Conservation Association (1)
Summer Camp Counselor (1)
Fire Crew (1)
Research Assistant to Graduate Student (1)
Leadership Director at Camp (1)
Wildlife Internship with Forest Service (1)
Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (1)
P-CREW Alumni All-Star Assistant (2)

P-CREW Accomplishments

Alternative Job Options

Sierra Institute Seasonal Positions

Sierra Institute offers a myriad of seasonal positions providing an opportunity to protect and enjoy our beautiful landscape during the warmer months. We love to help our P-CREW Alumni continue building their forestry skills while contributing to Sierra Institute's mission.

SI Jobs

Youth Corps

These jobs will be similar work to P-CREW. Camping and living with your crew while you perform invasive species removal, trail work and other conservation/restoration projects. Most of these corps will not provide transportation at the start or end of the session, and you may need to have some of your own gear. There are youth corps in almost every state so I’m only going to list three here. Just google youth corps and whatever state you would be interested working in and see what pops up!

Northwest Youth Corps (NYC)

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps

Youth Conservation Corps

Adult Conservation Corps

These programs will vary vastly between different organizations. Some will be 18+ some will be 21+. Some programs you will camp the whole time (up to 6 months!) and others only want a 3 month commitment where you are camping only on projects, 4-9 days in a row. This will take some research and hard thinking about what you want the most from these jobs. Once again, there is an adult corps in almost every state so you can have this adventure just about anywhere!

American Conservation Experience

California Conservation Corps

Adventure Programs

These programs focus more on recreation in the great outdoors; Backpacking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, kayaking and more. You will need some experience in at least one of these areas for most of these jobs and some might even require an outdoor recreation degree.

Peak Adventures

Outdoor Education

Teach youth about natural science with nature as your classroom! Most of these programs will run and feel kind of like a summer camp, but will be held during the school year for different schools to come visit for 3-5 days. You will lead your group around on hikes as you guide them through an educational lesson about plants, animals, the forest and more.

Sierra Nevada Journeys

Volunteer opportunities

These positions are either unpaid or you receive a small stipend. Remember, giving back and helping others gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment different than other jobs or activities. Don’t count them out!


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