Restore the environment, expand education, gain job skills, and disconnect from technology

P-CREW (Plumas Conservation, Restoration, and Education in Watersheds) participants work 40 hours a week for a five-week session, implementing on-ground conservation projects overseen by crew leaders and resource professionals.

Education & Career Job Skills

Projects involve a specialist from partnering agencies who instruct and clarify procedures, goals, and expectations on the first day. Specialists share the science behind a project and how it impacts the forest, wildlife, and watershed as well as talk about their career path and actions they took to obtain their current professional position. This is an opportunity for students to learn the importance of networking and hear about various natural resource career pathways. P-CREW is a partnership program of Sierra Institute for Community and Environment and Plumas and Lassen National Forests.

We are excited your child is interested in living, working, playing and learning in the Northern Sierra Nevada this summer. P-CREW hires four experienced leaders who will guide the crew in completing several valuable restoration projects in areas impacted by forest fires and severe winter weather. They also find time for educational lessons and lead recreation trips on weekends.

Safety is our Biggest Priority

All crew members will earn Basic First Aid and CPR certifications and be trained in field safety protocol. In addition, at least one field crew leaders per crew and the Sierra Institute support staff are Wilderness First Responder certified (click here for more info) and have experience administering first aid in remote settings. At least one crew leader on each team also has a lifeguard certificate.

Furthermore, each crew is equipped with a SPOT Device. This is a GPS unit that can alert search and rescue in case of a life or death emergency. The search and rescue crew will be given the exact location of the crew and immediate help will be deployed. The Spot Device also alerts the P-CREW office staff that the crew is OK, by the leaders pushing the ok button each afternoon as they return to their camp from work.

Disconnect from Technology

Please know that the crew members will be unable to text or call home on a regular basis as service is spotty and electronics are prohibited. We realize this may be difficult for you, but it’s part of the P-CREW experience. There will be weekly parent updates in the form of an e-mail or blog so you are kept in the loop on your child’s activities. They will call home, from our office, when they come in for resupplies. That schedule is not confirmed as of this date.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Contact us

P-CREW Program Office
P.O. Box 11, 4438 Main St
Taylorsville, CA 95983
530-284-1022 phone
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Parent Testimonials

"What an awesome program. Keep doing it! What a difference you are making in these kids lives. Life long memories of hard work, nature, and community. Thank you!"

Mark and Daisy
Mark and Daisy

"I would most definitely recommend this program for any child. It teaches responsibility, teamwork, love of nature and so much more."


"A difference I noticed [ in my child since P-CREW] was a change in attitude towards working hard."


"I am truly impressed with the P-CREW session that my daughter had the privilege of experiencing this summer...She gained confidence in herself that she never had before...and her attitude towards the hard work of her senior year is much more positive."

Jeff and Jennifer
Jeff and Jennifer

Parent/Guardian Feedback

We thoroughly enjoyed having your child with us for the P-CREW adventure. We realize without you, they would not have had the opportunity to be part of P-CREW, and your voice and opinion is important. As we solicit for partnerships, funders, and grants for future years of P-CREW, we could use your help. We would love to hear any thoughts or comments you have regarding your child’s experience and have included a short questionnaire for you to complete.


    Have you noticed differences, good and/or bad, in your child’s behavior at home and at school as a result of their P-CREW experience?

    Has your child mentioned a new path or change in their educational plans for high school? Post high school? Career?

    Overall, do you feel your child benefited from P-CREW? Please explain. Would you recommend the program to other parents?

    Other Comments?