First Week of P-CREW

First Week of P-CREW

August 4, 2020

2nd Night of Training, Session 2

My mind is ready for sleep, and my body needs to prepare.
Tomorrow’s day will be physical
Today was the mental
Have reported what I want others to hear about myself.
Time to observe what others share.

Being different is normal
Tonight I must sleep and continue to prepare before the real work begins.

3rd Night of Training

Getting used to new people isn’t hard.
A hidden part of me misses home
But I do not let it.
Since this may be my new temporary home.
My body isn’t used to these conditions
I need to take care of it.

3rd morning of Training

The morning feels like early winter before the snow comes.
The air is sharp, crisp, and refreshing.

3rd day of Training

In our safety class
I forget that the human body can’t always be invisible
Even though my brain wants me to deny it.

It’s also funny how most of your life is based
off of how your body is feeling when it comes
to emotions.


I want to run
to release what hasn’t been out
run to a place where I’ll never forget the good and bad.
Where she isn’t felt for unnecessary, unintentional things
Where the self-love powers over all
Where I can decompose my thoughts
Knowing I can relax when I have them.
Where being pleased isn’t forbidden.

Leylu Grace, Auburn, CA – Yellow Hats