Rock Climbing and PMA

Rock Climbing and PMA

August 12, 2020

Today was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Waking up at 5:30 am wasn’t easy, but it was totally worth it. After singing along to road trip music on the long drive, we arrived at the rock climbing site. I had never been rock climbing before and was a little nervous but the moment I stepped up onto the rock, I was flooded with a rush of adrenaline. My surroundings, the smoke, the cheering, and the suffocating heat disappeared and it was only me and the rock. Deciding which crevice to reach for next was like solving a puzzle and my mind raced along with my heartbeat. I scaled slowly and deliberately. My arms burned and every so often a cry of pain and effort escaped my dry lips. I persisted through each obstacle. When I reached the peak, I paused to submerge myself in the present moment, and the feeling of accomplishment that rushed through my body. Then I leaned back and let myself float to the ground. My first climb was followed by another, and then another. I am certain that won’t be my last.


PMA stands for a positive mental attitude. It is one of the most fundamental rules of P-CREW. It basically goes like this: you get stung by a hornet, and you say you’re grateful for discovering that you’re not allergic. Someone makes mushrooms for dinner (ew) and you appreciate that you get to eat a delicious bowl of warm rice and beans. Your feet hurt because your hiking boots are two sizes too big, but at least they had an extra pair to lend you. It’s a skill you have to nurture, like playing an instrument. But what you discover about optimism is that it makes you a happier person. No matter what happened, if you think you had a good day, then it was a good day. Every day at P-CREW is a good day.

– Ari, Berkeley, Yellow Hats