Two mountains in 24 hours

Two mountains in 24 hours

July 21, 2020

My name is Kahena Wilhite.

During P-CREW, I have learned to accept love and learn from people from all walks of life. Together we work long hours and push one another, we do chores and learn to self sustain while camping, and we do all kinds of outdoor activities. Despite our different backgrounds, we come together and share our love for nature and the conservation of our beautiful world.

This weekend we swam in many many lakes. At least 5, can’t keep count. In the past 24 hours, I’ve summited 2 mountains! Today’s mountain summit was during sunrise, the start of the hike up Lassen was scenic because of the stars and the night vision hiking is beautiful. Then when we reached the top, the sky was pink and blue and the snow with the sunrise and the view from the top was surreal. I’m sad to leave my family next week but am excited to use my newfound skills in the future.

– Kahena, Berkeley, White Hats