Magee Peak

Magee Peak

September 16, 2020

I kissed the top of Mcgee Peak today,
It’s image like that of a canvas.
I can see 360° around me.
The trees in the distance stand steady, like little green figurines waiting for war.
I feel the red, crumbly rock beneath my feet, the breeze beating against my face; I see the birds flying high above us and I see Lassen standing tall and proud against the smokey blue sky.
My hands are dirty as I write this and my spirit is joyful and calm.
I hear the laughter of the people I love below me; their blissful, smiling faces, and their mindless chatter.
The feeling of euphoria washes over me and I know that this is the feeling of true happiness and contentment.
I kissed the top of Mcgee Peak today.

– Falynn, Greenville, Yellow Hats