Infinite Stars and PB&J

Infinite Stars and PB&J

July 21, 2021

Dear Outside World,

Oh how the days have passed quickly. There’s about a week left, so that means 4 weeks have passed. We all have gotten so close in such a short period of time, and we are a work machine. We are all experts on the loppers and bow saws. Some of us got to do rock work, and many of us used the crosscut. When things get tough, or when we start overheating, we yell PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. We haven’t come up with a crew name but that pretty much sums us up. Well… that and “sustenance.” We are very hungry and we’ll take any we can get. The PB&J tortilla sandwiches are infinite, and this week we pulled out the Nutella!!! Dinners are definitely the best food we get, but oatmeal doesn’t get old. All the personal stories have brought us even closer. I feel so grateful for my crew, and the daily stretch circles and dinner circles. When we drive into our work site, we listen to 95.5 Ben F.M., the playlist we made. Both cars can tune into it at the same time, so we’re together in spirit even during the bumpy car rides. The routine is nice cause we’ve gotten into the groove, and we get to swim in beautiful lakes after work. In the evenings, after dishes, we have a debrief and look at the stars together. Our crew is so diverse also, and I find that especially at PCREW diversity is huge. We get at the core of who we are here and set differences aside, but full of pride. I feel connected to nature and our impact here. Life has purpose when doing conservation work. 

Yellow Hats Session 1 2021