The Importance of Leave No Trace by Stella Miller

The Importance of Leave No Trace by Stella Miller

May 24, 2018

On Wednesday we moved to a new campground near Twain, from a campsite that was near Jewel Lake in some different wilderness (Caribou). I noticed some huge differences in how some people take care of their campsites and their part of the wilderness.


When I first got to our campsite in the Caribou, I was surprised at how beautifully clean it was, and how whoever came before us had left practically nothing behind. The people who were at our campsite in Twain left it gross and terrible. Some people need to understand that throwing toilet paper with poop on it is a hazard to humans, plants, and animals.


Campers should be more careful about their spots and their garbage, because even though it may not affect them now, it will definitely affect the next campers, along with the plants and animals that live there. By not picking up micro-trash and packing garbage out, the people at the Twain campsite have left it a mess for other campers. The campers before us in Caribou always kept Leave No Trace in mind and made sure the know exactly what was going on. Thank you!!!


Stella Miller will be entering her Junior year this fall at Portola High.