Trail Thoughts

Trail Thoughts

August 19, 2019

What would you do if a mountain got up and walked?

“If a mountain got up and moved, I’d first say a prayer to every god I know of that it didn’t come towards me. If it did, I’d curse them all and run. If it didn’t, I guess I’d sit there and watch it while sorting out the theological mess I found myself in.”

  • Simon, Berkeley, White Hats


Describe your experience dealing with pain during P-CREW?

“One of the toughest and most painful experiences I’ve had during P-CREW was our hike up Harkness. We went four miles uphill! I continually doubted myself and told myself I wasn’t gonna make it up that mountain. But lo and behold, I freaking made it! It was totally rad to be able to stand on top of that mountain I had just conquered! It was a slightly cathartic experience because after I had hiked back down the mountain, I felt incredible!”

  • Cady, Alameda, White Hats