Thoughts from The Field

Thoughts from The Field

July 16, 2019

It’s Z-Dog here reporting live from P-CREW! Thus far my experience has been truly special. I have loved spending time in the beautiful outdoors and connecting with my peers. The work we are doing is really rewarding  and learning about fire ecology has been interesting. I’ve started becoming really homesick, but the family being created here makes me feel safe, happy, and loved.

-Zoey, Yellow Hat



July 5th, probably our best day yet besides rock climbing. It was our last day working on the Spencer Meadows Trail. I finally got to cut a log with the cross cutters, it was a lot of fun.

One of the bikers on the trail appreciated what we were doing and gave us $200 in cash! Jake, our crew leader, decided to take us out to pizza thanks to the friendly biker. We finished all 3 extra-large pizzas in about 5 minutes. Afterwards we got to buy stuff at Holiday Market and I got sunscreen, tissues, and more hot cocoa.

When we got back to our camp, we all decided to cowboy camp by the lake and sleep under the stars. For some, it was their first time sleeping outside. I wore extra layers so I was very comfortable. My face was exposed, but the cold felt good on my face.

I saw so many stars that night. I saw the Milky Way and the Big Dipper. I saw three shooting stars, which I think was my first time seeing a shooting star. High above I saw an airplane and I wondered if the 150+ people on the plane knew that a bunch of high schoolers were sleeping under the stars and at least one saw them fly across the sky.

I strangely felt at peace, amazed at all the stars and what galaxies they might be from. I drifted off to sleep, content and glad P-CREW gave me this opportunity.

-Hannah, Yellow Hat