Session 2 Affirmations

Session 2 Affirmations

August 12, 2022

It’s our last rec weekend of P-CREW, and this morning (Friday) was and still is awesome. We got to sleep in until 8:30, which was nice, but the sun in my face kinda woke me up at like 8. Sam made cinnamon pancakes and we put cookie butter on them, amazeballs. Now we are getting ready for the day in the Ishi Wilderness. I love everyone here and I wish them healthy prosperous lives that I know they deserve. I <3 u guys.

Anthony: You are good hearted, caring, strong man that I will always think about while going through tough times. Your attitude is unmatched no matter what you face.

Carolina: You are a smart, caring woman that will no doubt do good things. Your knowledge will lead you to great opportunities and strong bonds. You’re sitting next to me folding your laundry while I’m writing this so this is kinda funny 🙂

Sebastian: You are a humble, independent man but also strengthens our groups moral so much by including everyone in funny convos and would you rathers. I will miss our bond as brothers, but I know it will live on in this world.

Isa: You are the kindest most beautiful inside and out woman I have ever met. You make me feel like such a better man and I sincerely thank you for that. You knowledge of nature always gives me and the group and interesting convo that tightens our bonds by the second. Never change your immaculate attitude.

Toby: You are such a relatable fun dude to talk to. Your desire to adventure, learn, and do new things keeps the group fresh with excitement. You are a big part of this group and I hope you know it. Keep flipping, it’s badass. Catch you on the flip side. 2016<2017

Edgar: You are such a cool, calm, fun dude. Everything you have gone through has made you the incredible man you are today and I will put a cross on that. I hope you do fun and exciting things after high school. Your concos weave everyone together like a straw basket that holds water.

Sam: You are a kind hearted dude that will have some amazing bonds that will help you accomplish whatever you want and have fun most importantly. I have been close to yall from the start, and I appreciate the bond we have that motivated me to try my best and be respectful in every way possible just like you did throughout the session.

Evan: You are a kind dude that will have great experiences in life. Keep shredding on your mountain bike and live life to the fullest.

Nate: You are one of the most keep it real, respectful dudes I have ever met. I hope I see you in the future and your experiences make you a better man in every way. You straight? 🙂 I love you and I know you’ll make it far in life.

Sydney: You are a kind person that is more of a leader than you think, your humor and personality play a big role in the serious and non serious stuff in our crew. You are a fun person to work with and I appreciate that.

Cecilia: At first I thought you were just another quiet person that would leave a small group of friends here but over the last week I have gotten to hang out with you during work and at camp and you are one of the coolest girls I’ve met like I said earlier in P-CREW you have a colorful heart that had more kindness and humor than I thought. I wish fun and happiness in your future.

Colin: You are one of the best homies out there with your humorous convocs and funny statements and bring so much joy and color to this crew and I hope you don’t feel like you have to change for anyone. Thank you for the fun times and the ant facts. I wish you all the best most prosperous excitement filled lives ever. I love you guys.

Almost forgot the crew leads

Zacki: You are such a fun filled hard working dude and I am grateful for your knowledge and stories you have told us. Your ability to keep things light but also have deep convos is the best kind of person to be around, have fun living your life.

Megan: I am so grateful of the time we have spent together. Just bonding where we live. Your knowledge on trail crew things has taught us a lot over why not to leave stubs I have enjoyed everything you have taught me and the crew. You are also a great conversationalist and a respectful person to talk to about anything.

Becky: I don’t really have words to show/express how much fun I have had getting to know you as well as spend time with you. You have taught me so much, like stuff about college or how to poop in the woods. I appreciate every second we have spent together and I hope I can hangout with you later in life outside of P-CREW. You are sitting across the creek right now contemplating if you should do the waters side. I have so much more to say but I’ll end it by saying I love you like a sister and I appreciate you.

Love you all ~Bodhi