Lassen Volcanic National Park Backpacking

Lassen Volcanic National Park Backpacking

August 26, 2019

Backpacking in Lassen was an adventure! Our first day we hiked 7.5 miles to Snag Lake. We found a beautiful spot to camp that was surrounded by Aspen trees. It was very windy and we could hear trees in the distance being blown over. It sounded like thunder. The next day, the plan was to hike Cinder Cone. The day started with a light sprinkle of rain. As we got closer, the rain increased and there was a lot of thunder. Our leaders made the wise decision to hide out in a little section of trees that were lower than the hills around us, so we didn’t get struck by lightning. There was a lot of hail that was actually stung when it hit any bare skin. Our group ended up huddling like penguins until the lightning passed. We then headed to Upper Twin Lake to set up camp. We hiked about 7 miles that day as well. We got back to camp earlier than we meant, so we just huddled in our tents until the weather cleared up.

The next morning the weather was perfect. We had about 4 miles back to the parking lot and we ended up being the first of the three groups who got back. The whole experience was amazing and I’m definitely going to remember it forever and hopefully explore more of the park in the future.


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