It’s the Little Things

It’s the Little Things

September 27, 2018

It’s the end of week one and it’s a Saturday. We were planning to hike/backpack up to Deer Heart Lake but ended up losing 4 people. The circling around the site was exhausting. We are now here at a random lake and I’m looking forward to eating chicken of the Sea melts! I find people sleeping outside courageous and bold because it’s gonna get cold, windy, and wet later on in the night and I hope they won’t regret their decisions. I however, will be star gazing and sleeping in a tent. WINNER WINNER TUNA DINNER! Lol, get it? That was a nice pun. Ok , never mind, I’m just laughing at my own joke while everyone is chilling by the fire. I wanna help with dinner because issa my favorite and I’m really craving for some nice food. Man, I regret being picky for all those nice meals my mom made. I’m not the only one here who fantasize about my dinner, it seems everyone here wants some greasy pizza, cheeseburger, and a realy nice sandwich. I pray for us all that this well get easier, lord help us all not die, get eaten by a bear, fall from a cliff, or trip over a rock and splatter! Gruesome stuff I know. Take care of yourselves!


  • Eva Li
  • Editor’s note:  The people were found! And no one died, nor got eaten by a bear, nor tripped and splattered.